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Non Profit Highlight: The Association of the Children of Regnier


Our Non-Profit organization highlight for today is The Association of the Children of Regnier ( ACR)

ACR’s mission is to provide comprehensive services designed to meet the physical, educational, spiritual, nutritional and social needs of the children in Regnier and nearby villages within the community of Torbeck which serves a greater population of more than 62,000 individuals.

In promoting education, self-sufficiency and well-being, ACR aims to nurture and inspire children, their parents and all members of the community to live healthy, economically successful lives that rises above poverty level. Our achievements at ACR’s K-12 School, the Institution Mixte de Regnier, of 400 plus students can be attributed to the knowledge and integration of the community we work with.

After visiting ACR in January, Haitian-American Sophia Desroches decided to help the group in raising money to help purchase uniforms for the students.

On her Go Fund Me page Sophia writes,

I am thrilled to share my journey with all of you!  After visiting Haiti for the first time earlier in January 2015, I have since fallen in love and felt moved to do more… I am a firm believer that if you can educate one person, you can change the world, and I am committed to working towards that goal to help Children in Haiti in their Education. Haitian families are often left with the decision to either provide food and shelter for their family, or invest in an education.

The cost of buying uniforms and school supply, are far out of the reach of many Haiti parents. On top of paying school tuition and buying textbooks, many families in Haiti cannot afford to buy school necessities for their children. Access to an education creates new opportunities for children to rise above their circumstances by providing the tools necessary to advance and create new possibilities…

Join me in the movement to provide school uniforms and supplies for 400 students in need at the Association of the Children of Régnier (ACR) School . Click here to check out the page.

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