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Pictures & Video: Art Basel's Scope Miami Beach 2014, International Contemporary Art Show


This years edition of Art Basel Miami played host to a number of the world’s most successful artists represented by local to internationally renowned galleries from across the globe.  Art Basel 2014 was the usual mix of bright colors, exquisite art, music, fun and a lot of food. With so many events going on at the same time, its impossible to see them all, so I’m happy to have friends who can attend and share their recap pictures and videos.

Scope Miami Beach International Contemporary Art Show was one of Art Basel’s most popular shows and according to BiancaCSalvant,

The energy at this year’s Scope Miami Beach International Contemporary Art Show was fluid and alive. People gathered from all over the world to display different forms of art. And I think that’s the most important thing to remember when attending an art show of such caliber — the exhibit will be different.

It will challenge you. It will move you. I hope that is what the organizers intended because, for me, it was almost like being in a different realm. All artists equally passionate about their work, eager to talk about it and elaborate on its inspiration. What you will find is that each artist may come from their own dark place. A space, though, that needs to tell a specific kind of story. Whether that story is about travelling the world and showcasing visuals with tape (Max Zorn) or quitting your day job and building sculptures based off people you admire (Kazuhiro Tsuji) or painting things that display the harsh in our world (Johan Andersson) or making cartoon-ish sculptures out of glass for some tobacco (Zach Puchowitz) or simply wanting to create something that is different (Porkchop)–there is something to be told and learned. – Continue Reading Here


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