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Police Who Suspected and Raided FSU QB Deondre Francois Apartment For Selling Weed Were Wrong

Deondre Francois
Deondre Francois

This is the precise reason Haitian parents do not trust our friends!

According to ESPN and Orlando Sentinel Tallahassee police conducted surveillance on Haitian-American Florida State quarterback Deondre Francois for two months, operating on a tip that he was selling marijuana.

After a tipster went to the Tallahassee Police Department with their theory in February, the cops opened a two-month investigation, which concluded when they searched Francois’s apartment on Thursday while his girlfriend was there with him, the raid yielded 17 grams, or just over half an ounce, which is a reasonable amount of weed for two individuals to have.

Deadspin reports, the anonymous male tipster, who said he was inside Francois’s apartment in late February, told TPD he saw a large paper grocery-type bag full of cannabis, estimated at about two pounds, present during a drug-related crime. The tip led to an investigation in which TPD collected and examined the contents of Francois’ curbside garbage on four separate occasions.

The police department said it found in the garbage and in Francois’ apartment some plastic bags with cannabis residue, innards of blunt cigars, a grinder, an instant drug test cup and three vials of pain medication. Following the raid, Francois was not arrested. He was cited for misdemeanor possession and given the chance to enter a pre-trial diversion program and pay a fine.

Deondre Francois
Deondre Francois
Francois has been rehabbing a season-ending knee injury he suffered in the 2017 opener against Alabama. Francois is expected to be the Seminoles’ starter next season. Florida State coach Willie Taggart told the newspaper that he had met with Francois following the incident.

“He’s still with our football team,” Taggart said Saturday. “We talked about his responsibility as a student-athlete here, and he understands my expectations and what I’m looking for, especially when it comes to our quarterback.”

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