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Actor and Host Terrence J Visit To Haiti

Terrence J in Haiti

This picture is from 2010 and According to NecoleB:

Kudos to Terrence J and a group of his friends who just returned from a life-changing trip to Haiti. The group had a chance to see firsthand the devastation that the 7.1 earthquake caused back in January and he reveals that the conditions haven’t gotten much better. The trip impacted Terrence J in a huge way and has prompted him to get more involved in helping others. In a letter detailing his trip he writes:

“There is so much to be done and I’ve been asking myself what some bigger next steps can be. So next week I’ll be taking some time off 106 to travel back to Haiti and also to Europe to meet with UN leaders and ambassadors to better understand how we can help from a global perspective”.

Terrence J recalls being inspired after meeting a 15 year old earthquake survivor by the name of Sophia while in Haiti. She had to care for herself and younger brother after losing her parents in the earthquake, however she still remained positive towards her outlook on life. He writes:

“Whatever you give, whatever you donate, your interaction with people less fortunate than you will make your life that much richer. I went on this trip to help the people of Haiti, but came back feeling like they helped me. I am a better person today than I was last week. Before I did things for money, I did them for fame, I did them for the “look.” Today, I’m doing this for the Sophia’s of the world”. Join me…

Terrence J and Haitian Survivor

terrence j and fred in haiti

Terrence J in Haiti 2

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