This is Haiti: Côtes-de-Fer, The Haitian Paradise

Photo Credit: Louis Albert

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With an estimated population of 70,000 citizens, the municipality of Côtes-de-Fer is located in the Bainet Arrondissement in the southeast department of Haiti.

The region’s inhabitants make their living from fishing, planting and crafts. Indeed, the town is famous for fishing and depending on the season, fish, conch, and lobsters can be found in quantities not only to feed the population, but to be sold to neighboring towns. Fruits and vegetables are grown abundantly from corn, petit mille, potato, banana, peas, cassava and yam to sweet corossole (Soursop), cachiment (Guanabana), papaya, mango, sapodilla, and grenadine. Pitre (Sisal) can be found in large quantities and is the only export of the region to foreign countries. – Continue Reading Here

Photo Credit: Louis Albert
Photo Credit: Louis Albert

Photo Credit: Louis Albert

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