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Vé Water : A New Solution To Solve The Water Problem Across Haiti

6000 people in two villages in Anse-Rouge, Northen Haiti are going to be the first to have a new, innovative water solution that has the potential to solve the water crisis for everyone in Haiti. The new solution is developed by Copenhagen-based start-up véwater, contains innovative technology, is solar-powered, and is part of a long-term plan to make sure everyone in Haiti has access to essential infrastructure.

The new véwater solution is launched in collaboration with DESPRI Haiti, which has already done amazing work in Anse-Rouge, impacting more than 10,000 people over the past 12 years. While most of the world is looking at Haiti as a place of misfortune, this solution is going to be set up with the belief that Haiti deserves better. But to recover and avoid diseases, the best place to start is with water!

Many previous water projects in Haiti have either been reliant on constant aid and old-fashioned technology or have been too complicated and expensive to run. The véwater solution is different – it can replace rusty old handpumps that are no longer working and comes with regular maintenance and repairs to make sure it’s always working. On top of that, re-investments and ownership of the local organization are transferred back to make sure that everyone has influence over their own utilities.

Vé Water

To make it easy to use the véwater solution, every local community member will get a card that they can use at the solution to tap water. The card can be topped up locally, through MonCash, or with a credit card – they can even be topped up online from relatives living anywhere in the world at no extra charge! The cost of the water is always going to be as low as possible, with a price of 0.2 USD per gallon in these first projects.

This is going to be big! But to get started, véwater needs a bit of help to build, send and set up everything for the pilot project in Anse-Rouge. Therefore, they have started a crowdfunding campaign where you can make a pledge or donation and join the journey from the start.

Support their campaign here to get the project up and running.

Contact véwater if you know a great village and some amazing women that you think should have the next solution!

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