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Video Of The Day: “Made in Haiti Produit en Haiti”

Kitchens and Bathrooms, proudly made in Haiti by Maxima S.A.  Maxima is the most innovative woodworking company in Haiti, showing steady growth through dedicated customer service and quality standards.

With emphasis on job training and personal development, Maxima strives to create a working environment with higher job satisfaction where goals are set and achieved. This strength combined with the use of certified materials, licensed technologies, professional supervision and modern equipment allows Maxima to build quality engineered projects at an international standard, MADE IN HAITI.

With the right opportunity, there’s no limit to what we can do, these are the reasons I think it is so important that we put a lot of our time and energy into the educational system in Haiti. I love sharing these type of videos to the world, I hope these videos will show and encourage other large companies of the benefits of brining their business to Haiti.

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