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Watch Carolyn Desert : Miss World “Haiti” Intro Video


Carolyn Desert is representing Haiti at Miss World 2014 and below is her introduction to the world video. In the 2 minute video, Carolyn gives a brief overview of Haiti’s history, tourism, historical sites, the love she have for her Haitian community and their ability to overcome anything that comes their way.

 “I myself am a social ambassador who goals it to raise awareness around the world on topics and issues such as women empowerment, reforestation and hunger”.



Born and raised in Haiti, Carolyn moved to Miami aged 14, but has returned to Haiti where she now runs her own Mexican restaurant she opened last year. Also working as a model, Carolyn hopes to open up more restaurants, empower women around the world, and work on international modelling campaigns. In her spare time Carolyn likes to write, she enjoys watching documentaries, and she is passionate about social work in the community. Most recently she spent time feeding orphans in Haiti, as well as planting new trees. – MissWorldWebsite


Message from Carolyn: Follow my journey. Like my official Miss World fb page https://m.facebook.com/MissWorldHaiti?ref=bookmark and please download the Miss World app (Miss World limited).. and Choose Haiti as your top choice.please spread the word.Every single vote counts.Thanks.

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