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#WomensHistoryMonth: 10 Women In Haiti Leading The Way And Inspiring A New Generation

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we couldn’t end without celebrating our Haitian women in Haiti leading the way.  These magnificent women are based in Haiti and are doing incredible work through empowerment, artistry, education, advocacy, tourism, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, journalism and more!

Here is a list including, but not limited to, women in Haiti inspiring the #Changemakers of tomorrow:

Danielle Saint Lôt is the founder of the Danielle Saint-Lôt Haiti Women’s Foundation, a U.S.-based 501c3 organization with a one-year signature program, Haitian Women’s Business Academy. The non-profit advances programs to empower Haitian women, advocate for the missing middle, and grow the creative economy. She also serves as Ambassador at Large of the Republic of Haiti for Women’s Empowerment. She is a Founding Partner of Caribbean Business Consulting (CBC). Her career has primarily focused on promoting women’s rights and business development in Haiti. Previously, she was Minister of Tourism and has the distinction of having been Haiti’s first female Minister of Commerce and Industry. Additionally, she served as Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haiti.

Instagram: @daniellestlot

Yendy Cave is the CEO of Kids In Haiti, a marketing specialist, and a passionate philanthropist. Her helping-hands organization “Kids in Haiti” that she launched is an organization dedicated to helping Haiti’s children. Whether its food drives, outdoor activities, back-to-school giveaways and kids parties, Yendy finds a way to makes Haiti’s youth know that she (and a host of Kids in Haiti supporters) care. With her initiatives, she has supported more than hundreds of kids in need throughout a span of 5 years and more.

Instagram: @tiyen01

Daphnee Charles is the co-founder of COCREAD, Co-creating Development, a social venture which transforms slums into tourism attraction site and entrepreneurship hub. She is using art to tackle severe challenges in Haiti in disaster-prone areas and has produced a theme song along with a regional awareness campaign around climate change. She’s Haiti’s Director of Startup Grind, the largest independent startup community connecting 1,000,000 entrepreneurs across 200 cities and the Co-founder of Action toward initiative and volunteering for Education in Haiti (ACTIVEH), a social organization promoting volunteering work among the Haitian youth.

Instagram: @charlesdaph

Katie-Flore Fils-Aimé, originally from Cap-Haïtien, Haiti this ambitious woman has worked in the past as a project manager at the Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation. In search of change and new challenges, she joined Sogebank in April 2014 where she worked in bank organizational strengthening as a project monitoring and evaluation officer. Katie-Flore Fils-Aimé is currently President of the ECHO Haiti Group, a Haitian association of young professionals that seeks to promote social change and development in Haiti through youth initiatives.

Instagram: @katieaime

Matti Domingue is Haiti/Miami based Makeup artist who combines her entrepreneurial and managerial skills with her art. She is the CEO of Zoule Makeup and Talent Agency. She has a passion for fashion, arts, crafts, and ultimately empowering other women through her leadership. With her large following, she exemplifies someone who is not afraid to showcase her talents and skills.
Instagram: @mattidomingue

Yael Talleyrand is among those who are heralding a new generation of young painters in Haiti’s visual landscape. She is a Port-au-Prince-based painter but is also involved in all the areas surrounding the arts: entertainment, event planning, art teaching, design, and production. She ultimately believes in promoting artistic expression as a universal language.

Instagram: @yael.talleyrand

Hugline Jérôme is an entrepreneur and the founder of DREAM PROMO, a company born from a dream to not only enhance the quality of performances and spectacles in Haiti but also to enhance the image of Haiti on the international scene. She aims to improve the professional cultural representation of Haiti by promoting an artistic production of international standard. With collaborators, she has been able to present several cultural, musical and humorous events across the country. Together, they manage to convince sponsors and great international artists to perform in Haiti, despite the negative perception of the country by some.
Instagram: : @huglinejerome

Sacha Perez is currently the Sales Manager with Buteau Hospitality and has worked as the head of sales for Karibe Hotel, Kinam, and Servotel. She joined Haiti’s Tourism Association (ATH) in the past as the coordinator of the education committee.  She also became part of the opening team of the international brand hotel, Best Western Premier as their sales manager, where she participated in the field studies and sales & marketing strategies in a new and challenging market. She firmly believes that tourism is the future of Haiti, given its influence in the value chain of a country’s economy.

Instagram: @sashou11

Fabiola Coupet is a radio talk show host and hosts Haiti’s latest hit afternoon traffic jam radio show called Radio One “BibiNètalKole.” Exceptionally frank, she puts a little color in the lives of its listeners. The woman behind the microphone has, for a long time, held a direct relationship with communication. She worked as a teacher, translator, editor, TV producer, director of theater productions, and master of ceremonies in Carifesta and others. She is lively, loves to laugh and to be with loved ones. Most importantly, she is outspoken and will not hesitate to express how she feels, even if she doesn’t, her face will indicate it- as she warmly suggests.

Instagram: @fabiolacoupet

Winnie Hugot Gabriel has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a lawyer, author, and journalist with Ticket Magazine/Le Nouvelliste. She joins the LL.M program at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law as a Fulbright Student from Haiti. She is using her time at Maryland Carey Law to study intellectual property and cybersecurity law in the hopes of turning what she learns here into reform of Haiti’s intellectual property and technology regulations.  More broadly, she aims to promote what she calls her three pillars: to help people, to serve her country, and to contribute to its development.

Instagram: @winniehugot

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