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Belle Femme: Singer Marie-Christine “Port-au-Prince”

There is an exotic haunting beauty in the sultry voice of Marie-Christine.  It’s a sound that conjures the sophistication and magic of both her heritage and upbringing. Born and raised in Montreal to Haitian parents, Marie-Christine swears that the seeds of her love for music were planted well before her birth.

“I know that my father used to sing to me while I was still in the womb,” she says happily.”

Her father, Edourd, had an intense love of classical music, so much so that he taught himself to play piano.  He was determined to pass his passion on to his daughter and made sure that Marie-Christine was able to take advantage of schooling in Montreal where she spent fourteen years from the age of 5 in classical piano training.

“Studying classical piano allowed me to explore and escape in a field where I felt at home, where I could be myself,” says Marie-Christine.  “It helped me to feel confident in who I was.”

While it was generally classical music that filled the house, Marie-Christine secretly harboured a love for pop music, sneaking listens to the likes of Whitney Houston,. En Vogue and Michael Jackson.

“I just loved the sound of the voices, especially the harmonies of En Vogue.” she says.  “I would spend as much time as I could with the radio pressed to my ear.”

Though painfully shy, Marie-Christine made her public debut at the tender age of 12 years old.  She was taking singing lessons by that point and she would entertain at the hospital where their mother worked.  MC found solace in her music and confidence in performing.  She would often appear in high school productions though she was sure that the audience didn’t even know she was a fellow student.

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