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Bravo TV’s Alaska Gedeon from “Newlyweds The First Year” Travel To Haiti


Haitian- American Alaska Gedeon who’s the director of Urban A&R for Atlantic Records and one of the stars of Bravo’s new show “Newlyweds The First Year” is currently in Haiti sharing some very beautiful pictures on his instagram page.

Alaska Gedeon, a director of A&R (Artist and Repertoire), wed the love of his life Kimberly, a celebrity stylist born and raised in New York City. This bi-coastal couple is constantly on the run between LA and New York City and struggles in finding ways to balance both their careers and a marriage. Kim wants to start a dreamy life together in Harlem while Alaska’s work keeps him in LA, making married life very different from what she imagined. Kim and Alaska’s religious beliefs as Christians are what gives them balance, but at times can also pose challenges when trying to maintain a modern-day marriage. – Bravo TV 










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