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Chef Lemaire Represent Haiti at 1st Global Traditional Cuisine Gathering in Mexico

Alain Lemaire

Written by Chef Alain Lemaire,

Between September 23rd to September 25th, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Mexico organizes the 1st Global Traditional Cuisine Gathering (1er Encuentro Global de Cucina Tradicional).

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Mexico invited their counterparts to send chefs, cooks and/or veterans to showcase traditional/authentic dishes from their countries. More than 30 countries such as Brazil, Belize, Guyana, Haiti, Paraguay, Spain, Greece and all the major cities of Mexico participated in this first edition.

The event was held at the offices of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs building where two major food demonstration centers where also built as part of the activities. During the 3 days of the event, there were panelists of professionals who spoke about traditional cuisine, its importance and why we should preserve it while promoting the new world cuisine as well. There was also a section dedicated to expositions of traditional products from all over the world where the guests had a chance to see them at the raw stage or packaged.

Last but not least, and especially to me the best part of the event, was the culinary experience. All the countries including the major cities of Mexico had a chance to showcase their traditional cuisine by creating one or multiple dishes. The rooms were always filled with guests during 2 of the 3 days and the smell and aroma emanating from each booth was unbelievable, the decor was on point, the colors were amazing. I had a chance to try from almost all the countries and cities of Mexico: I felt like I traveled around the world without having to fly.

I was very proud and honored to represent Haiti at this Global gathering and make sure that people knew about our food and culture. I did our traditional griot ak banane with sauce Ti Malice which originates from the West Department of Haiti and is one of the most loved and recognized dishes. I made sure to use all the traditional methods and recipe to replicate the perfect griot. Well, It was a success, as it should be. The guests as well as the chef/cooks were raving about our flavors which we know is unique and bold. Mission Accomplished!

On the last day, La Canciller Claudia Ruiz Massieu closed out the event with a speech flanked by all the chefs/cooks and veterans in front of the global and local press,and diplomats/officials from multiple countries.

Each chef/cook and veteran, had their professional picture taken as well as their dish to be used in a book that the Mexican Government will create as part of the initiative.

More about the event: http://www.gob.mx/sre/articulos/en-tiempos-de-globalizacion-imprescindible-revalorizar-y-proteger-el-patrimonio-gastronomico-de-mexico?idiom=es


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