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October is Creole Heritage Month

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By Bianca Salvant

October is celebrated Internationally as Creole Heritage Month!

The purpose of L’union Suite and The Haitian American has always been to provide a positive avenue for the Haitian culture. In being able to command that space, we’ve had the opportunity to teach people about who we are, what we do and the things we love.

October has been deemed Creole Month and we want to shed a light on our unique language in hopes of encouraging its practice in more households. Language is a large part of culture: it builds community and provides ways to emotionally communicate. Why do so many of us, Haitian-American’s, struggle with this? We cannot control whether our parents taught us Creole or not. But as adults, it is our responsibility to pick up the baton, learn and teach our children.

Helping us is our very own, Sejoe, who is passionate about everything and anything that encompasses Haiti. Creole was his first language and he learned how to speak English within a three-month period. Who better to motivate, inspire and educate us than our favorite creative vessel?

Starting Monday, October 3, Sejoe will be our professor in better facilitating our language through Word of the Day. Utilizing innovative and high-quality visuals with the hype of hip hop and kompa, we will be educating through a platform made fun. Class at Sejoe University will be in session Monday through Friday, starting at 6:15AM. At the end of the semester, there will be a graduation ceremony, so be sure to stay active in class. Participation matters!

*Disclaimer: Any views or opinions represented in Word of the Day are personal and belong solely to Sejoe Entertainment and do not represent those of L’union Suite or The Haitian American. Any views or opinions are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual.*


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