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Congratulations On Another History Making Win for Our Haiti Polo Team


Major Congratulations to our Haiti Polo Team. The Undefeated SPAIN has been Defeated!!! This past weekend the team defeated Spain at the Pilar International Masters Cup with a final score of 7-5.

Source: polodixit

According to Polodixit,

Haiti Polo Team played in Pilar for 1st time, like in the International Pompeya Tournament, early in October the team is undefeated.

Fernando Cordoba, Francisco Pizarro and Juan Pizarro, the professional polo players who form Haiti Polo Team along with Claude-Alix Bertrand showed the public the most incredible abilities on the field in each game.

I witnessed several of the matches, starting on Thursday.

1st against Italy, Haiti Polo Team won 5-4 in an even and well fought match in the center of the Polo Capital of Argentina.

Friday, proved to be an amazing day for the public and players, Haiti Polo Team got better and better as they defeated France. Chukker after chukker until the last, France fought to stay in the game. Within seconds of the last whistle the Haiti Polo team Captain scored the winning goal, which confirmed a place in the final for the Haitians.

Very sad news brought all to a halt. First the final was saddly delayed as we all learned of the passing of polo player Ramon Antonio Azorin representing Spain in this tournament. Than torrential rains kept players indoors on Sunday.

By Monday the teams Haiti Polo and Spain were hungry for the Championship. – Continue Reading Here 

Source: Facebook L’Union Fait La Force, Haiti Polo Team Wins The Pilar International Masters Cup
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Source: Facebook Bringing Home the “COPA”


Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Polodixit


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