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Depaul University Professor Teaches Haitian Children 3 Languages in 1 year

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Students at L’Ecole de Choix (School of Choice) in Haiti are receiving the best education of their lives.DePaul University ethics professor Laura Pincus Hartman helped build the school last year. She has been working in Haiti since even before the earthquake devastated the region and has used her experience as an educator to help the community there. L’Ecole de Choix targeted 183 children ages 4-10 who had no education and no access to a healthy meal. One year later, those children who could not read or write are speaking and writing in French, Creole and English.

“The only way to help a country and a nation progress is to educate the young, ” Hartman told NBC Chicago. The school is located on the same river where the cholera outbreak is affecting many Haitians. Much of the only nutrition the children get is from the school. “This is life and death,” she said.

Hartman told Chicago Parent, the school is not a charity but “provides financial resources to help people lift themselves out of poverty.”

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