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Second Haitian Father & Son Duo Graduate College Together

Samson and Sanon Volcy Graduate College Together

It is never too late to make your dreams come true! – Samson Volcy

Earlier today we posted about the father, Ben and Duvinson Jeanty who graduated together from William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey. They became the first members of their family to earn college degrees.

Meet our second Haitian father and son duo who graduated yesterday with associates degrees in computer science and accounting.  Son Samson and father Sanon Volcy are also out of New Jersey.  We spoke to Samson earlier who said he felt compelled to send in his story after reading our story about the Jeanty’s.

Samson received an Associate in Computer Science and his father Sanon received an Associates in Science in Accounting from Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey

Samson and Sanon Volcy are from Desdunes (Artibonite), they left Haiti in 2013.

Sanon who is 56 is as a full-time janitor at Columbia High School in Maplewood NJ.

Samson, 27 is a full-time security guard. Both father and son are full-time college students.

Samson will transfer to New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Samson will complete his degree at Seton Hall University.

Samson is 27, he graduated high school in Haiti in 2008, attended Universite Lumiere but couldn’t continue after his school collapsed in the 2010 earthquake. He took a break following the earthquake due to financial and personal hardship.

Sanon was a popular political figure in his hometown of Desdunes, he graduated high school when he was 21 but never had financial means to go to college.  Sanon was a french teacher and a principal at a community school in his hometown of Desdunes before moving to the United States.

Graduating with my father is such an inspiration. This make me feel both proud and determined to further my education so I can set and lead by example for my kids.

Congratulation Volcy’s!

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