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You Knew You Were In A Haitian Home When You Spot…

Written by Marjorie Eldira   Edited by Wanda Tima

Growing up in a Haitian home can be interesting, entertaining and sometimes frustrating with the many “do not” do this or “do not” touch that rules. I remember being home and having all these do not touch or sit here rules only to visit my friend’s homes and hear the same exact rules, sometimes for the same exact reasons. Remember that plastic couch you weren’t allowed to sit on?

It’s 2018 and majority of our Haitian parents still have those old-fashion items or abide by what they described as traditional routines that keep us asking ourselves, why?  Why is the old school radio still loudly playing Haitian adoracion every Sunday morning or the large furniture taking up half the living room, no one could sit on. Why Mom? Why?

Here is my short list of items I remember being stapled pieces in Haitian homes because you knew you were in a Haitian home if there were….

Biblos and Meubles

Practically every Haitian household has a type of biblo in their home. Whether it be a stand-alone or decorative theme, you can find them with the china set with no real purpose.

Glass China Set 

This glass china set is derotation and that only. No matter how much it cost, no one ever saw the china touch a real table. In some homes mother’s would pull them out during the holiday, otherwise, it sat there year long sitting pretty.

Danish cookie box 

What cookies? The Danish cookie box never had cookies but instead used as a bwat baret.

The Butter Tub

The Country Crock butter was only used for butter the many months ago when Haitian mothers originally purchased the butter. Once they ran out of butter, you could expect to find epis, tomato paste or sometimes vegetable oil in the container.


To-Go Canteen

If your mother said she cooked and come pick up some food, just know, you are picking up the most organized meal ever with this to-go canteen. Not only was your food conveniently separated, it remained hot no matter where you were traveling to. This has to be the best mode of transportation for food ever created. Question is where can I find one?


Most Haitian households have linen for days. Haitians are always prepared for guests and the guest of the guest, no matter what. Thick, thin, fluffy or comfy we got you covered.

Haitian Home

Fridge Magnets

The fridge is constantly filled with magnets with no real purpose, for no reason.

Haitian Home

Plastic Covered Couch

Sit at your own risk. Plastic covered couches may be the one item Haitian parents may have stopped, but I believe there is still a good amount of plastic, you can’t sit here couches still floating around. In most Haitian homes, we’ll maybe all, do not enter this decorative room unless you’re invited. 

Vicks and Lwil Maskriti

These two can cure everything in a Haitian household. Don’t even attempt to start a debate!

Haitian Home

Razac Body Lotion

Back in the day, you knew you were standing next to a fellow Haitian with a simple wif of the scent above. The scent was so strong, it was nearly impossible not to recognize it or in some cases take a few steps back so you can breathe.

What other item were stapled items in your Haitian home?

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