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Guest Relationship Post: Love Haitian Style – Nan Bal La


Friend of the blog Haitian writer Martine Jolicoeur “MeUnfinished” gives her unique perspective on Love, Haitian Style.

Mhm!  You are wondering about this, I’m sure.  Been wanting to do this a while, but I did not think I had it in me to tackle such a complex concept.  Love, no not just love, Haitian love.  That is different from anything on earth.  No, we do not just love.  It’s a science, I think, and I could not tell you about this subject in it’s entirety.  I mean, who can describe Love completely in its infinite diversity?  So I will do the next best thing: share a couple of aspects that really speak to me.  

The Chemistry – As soon as the chemistry begins, our souls start meshing and this bond begins to develop.  When we hear each other’s voices, we feel it resonate all through our bodies.  It’s like this quick rush of cold water running down our spine.  

At each other’s touch, our skin burst in flames.  Dife nan kay la!  (Fire in the house!)  There is nothing like the strength of his hands firmly holding our curvy hips, nothing like his breath caressing our cheeks as he whispers a calming “Cheri, koman jounen an pase?” to obliterate all demons who waged wars with us throughout the day, ladies.  

Surely she will return the favor with some of this explosion of flavors in her diri sos pwa, vyann ak fey.  She knows the way to his heart is through his stomach but she also knows that making her man strong is what she does best.  She has power in her way to look at him, in the way she makes magic with her smile and her touch, in the way she melts into his hands to make her Haitian King feel respected and man.  She has control, e li konn kijan pou li jere neg li! (and she knows how to manage her man)

Our Paradise – There is something about walking on the pristine beaches that ignites feelings in the islanders’ loins.  Ti vag lanme dous k’ap karese pye nou (soft beach waves caressing our feet) are enticing and make for some good romance enticers.  

And for the earthy types, on the mountains of Boutilier overlooking Port-Au-Prince, we can watch the sunset on the bay as sparkling lights turn on one by one.  As night fall, it feels like our bodies are enveloped in a dark velvet carpet covered in bright shining diamonds.  No words need to be spoken from then as the chilly air wakes up our senses and we seek and explore warmth from our lover.  

This is ROMANCE people!  But wait!  There is more…

Bal la – Going to the Bal (live music dancing) is an event that carries a reputation of morphing people into all types of romance gods and goddesses…  There is something about that rhythm that undoubtedly transports us into a trance. Whether it’s a soulful Zouk or a sensual Kompa Direk, when this music hits our bones, it feels like hot molasses covering every inch of our bodies and we are taken right into a vortex of pure passion.  We unconsciously move to the tempo of the tanbou (drum) and we are not even aware of the multitude of people on the dance floor.  Lost in one another.  Melting into one person.  Literally!  Can you feel this?

Worked up yet?  That’s only the beginning!  I could not claim to unpack this whole phenomenon of Haitian Love.  It’s Oh! So much more complicated!  But at least I leave you with a little taste of the mystery that is Haitian Love.  

People, the message here is to concentrate on loving one another the right way.  Love is beautiful, Love is powerful, Love is giving, Love can change situations and people for the better.  As we concentrate on it this month of Valentine, let’s experience what Love IS, and do away with what it is NOT.

Simen Lanmou, Ayisyen!  Yon ti Lanmou ka mennen nou lwen! (Share the Love Haitian People! A little Love can take us all far!)


– MeUnfinished

MartineAbout Author: Martine is a blessed wife, the mother of three precious children and the creator of the MeUnfinished.com. Her passion to inspire, empower and motivate people on their life journey.After growing up in Haiti, she graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. She also completed her Master’s Degree at Nova Southeastern University in Health Services Administration. She has worked as a high-crisis counselor for 13 years solving (or improving) mental issues for thousands of families.

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