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Guest Post : Women’s Month – Se Fanm Ou Ye

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Friend of the blog Haitian writer Martine Jolicoeur “MeUnfinished” gives her perspective on why Women should be celebrated year round, I think every woman should read this and forward to a friend.

As the month of March races through we quickly forget about the fact that it is still Women’s month. I know it’s only one month out of the year, but, we have to milk it as much as we can,  so I am reminding the world today that it does not stop at March 31st!

Women, you can make your mark for more than just one month, right?  I could not even come close to enumerating all we represent, however, the following few thoughts rush into mind.

I read a quote from BatonRougeMoms.com the other day that said:

“Mama: The glue that holds everything even when she feels like she may fall apart.”  

I want to start with that and dissect this idea as it has had more power than just the “Mama” part.  The word “Mama” is in itself a powerhouse, it represents a whole world, it is the reason why we have the world…  

People, Mamas are at the very essence of existence.  She perpetuates the human race as per blessed by God and goes through unspeakable obstacles to get to that title.  Granted, some do not understand the meaning of their title, but as a Mom, you have been entrusted the life of another human being from the very inception of life.  

This is no simple or meek task.  You are built to sustain life within your body.  Every vein, each cell was made inside of you.  Can you understand how you are part of each little detail of this little person’s life?  As a Mama, you have to stick it through no matter what (as per the quote).  You are the one to hold it all down and sometimes deny your own frailty to keep it all together.  And that’s just the beginning!  

Now, let’s dig into a bit more.  Being a Mama is not all a woman can be and do.  What about the other characters Woman brings in to enrich the world?  What?  You don’t know what else she can do past being a human milk jug, or a hip or passion distributor?  Well, let’s unpack this a little more then…

Women, you are given a gift that only belongs to you: Intuition.  Yes, you house intuition, gut, inside feelings, etc.  You are given this special sense and have been made to ignore it by society.  Oh! This angers me so much to know that we so often are taught to shut it down even as little girls.  Women, you have that powerful tool inside of you and are to use it!  When it “doesn’t or does feel right” you KNOW!  

You, woman, are sufficient to do all you need to do.  You have inside of you the capacity and intelligence to accomplish all you need to.  The world can tell you otherwise, but experience and facts speak for themselves.  Se Fanm ou ye (you are Woman)!  

That word, Woman, oozes of grace, understanding, sensuality, flexibility, wit, strength, fun, softness, toughness, resilience, sensitivity, and so much more!

Do you realize your worth?  Do you take time to acknowledge your gifts?  You ARE a gift to the world and have a role to play.

I hope you have a little sense of what you are made of, although I did not even scratch the surface.  Remember that you also have the ability to make your mate melt with just one breath, one look, one touch.  Ooo!  Too hot!  I won’t touch this!  You can set another human being on fire, I mean flat out burst into flames, just by barely brushing the skin.  


Before I close this down, I want to remind you that you are not Man.  You have to be secure in your own worth to be all that you are meant to be, but you simply cannot be who you are NOT.  As it presents in our world today, a lot of us have to play all the roles: an uncontrollable situation.  Still, we have to acknowledge that we have limitations.  Words to ponder…

Being who we are is a blessing in and of itself, so let’s secure this position and recognize the magnitude of who we are to make positive changes in our world!  Se fanm ou ye, right? Let me hear your voices, comment below and share how you celebrate being a Woman!

– MeUnfinished

MartineAbout Author: Martine is a blessed wife, the mother of three precious children and the creator of the MeUnfinished.com. Her passion is to inspire, empower and motivate people on their life journey.After growing up in Haiti, she graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. She also completed her Master’s Degree at Nova Southeastern University in Health Services Administration. She has worked as a high-crisis counselor for 13 years solving (or improving) mental issues for thousands of families.

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