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Haitian Actor Guyviaud Joseph Joins the Cast of Power as “Biscuit”


We’re only 2 episodes in and Power is already getting realer than real for Ghost.

In Sunday’s episode ” Things are going to get worse” Ghost meet an interesting looking prison mate with scars all over his face who took Ghost’s biscuit out of his hand.  Social network erupted following the hilarious exchange between the two men and thanks to our followers, we were tipped off that Biscuit is an aspiring Haitian actor who call his role “life altering.”

Here are a few things we know about the actor.

The Haitian-American actor real name is  Guyviaud Joseph.

Joseph is originally from New Jersey.

He is a Penn State University graduate who majored in business and gravitated towards theater during his studies.

While in school he appeared in theatrical productions, hosted events and appeared in commercials for his school.

Before acting full-time in 2011, Joseph worked in Corporate America for 5 years as an Account Executive for CBS Radio.

Joseph landed one liners and gigs in tv shows and films like: Gotham, Person of Interest, The Blacklist, Makeup x Breakup Series, Blue Bloods, “John Wick: Chapter 2,” “Snitches,” and “Touched By Grace,” but it was his audition for Power that really made the actor feel his career was shifting for the greater.

Joseph aired in 2 episodes so far of the 4th season of “Power” which premiered on Sunday June 25th, episodes “Don’t Thank Me” and “Things Are Going to Get Worse”.

In episode 2,“Things Are Going To Get Worse” his character Biscuit act alongside Omari Hardwick‘s James “Ghost” St. Patrick during a prison scene where the inmate wants to taste Ghost’s biscuit.


Omari Hardwick “Ghost” and William Sadler “Teresi” are the main people Joseph worked alongside and he used the moment to soak up gems from the men.

Joseph is currently working on various other projects. He created a short film called “P.O.V Perception of Violence” which was shot in 2016. The film was submitted to various film festivals and he just got back from Cannes Film Festival.


Watch clip of the episode below: 



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