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Haiti Government Prepare For Matthew With Shelter Info & Emergency Contacts


Hurricane Matthew is poised to deliver a potentially catastrophic strike on Haiti beginning Monday, and poses a danger to eastern Cuba and Jamaica by Monday night. Matthew will then crawl slowly through the Bahamas for several days before potentially flirting with parts of the U.S. coast beginning next weekend.

Haiti Libre reports,

The Haitian Government inform to have in advance, undertaken numerous actions to reduce the vulnerability of communities and strengthening the response capacity of the different actors involved in the disaster, including the National Police, the Haitian Red Cross, the civil protection structures. Arrangements are already being taken to provide access to flood areas and facilitate the passage of humanitarian convoys.

A Government Emergency cell is represented at the National Emergency Operations Centre (COUN), in support of local authorities and civil protection to ensure a bond, sharing information, and maximum coordination support efforts.

In preparation to the consequences that can result from the passage of this major hurricane, shelters are in stock in the country, and evacuation sites have been identified, together with local authorities in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince and in other parts of the country.

The Government decreed the permanence and will have to accompany the population, while reiterating to the latter its call for caution and vigilance.

People can count on 60 members of the Directorate of Civil Protection (DPC) and the COUN, 381 firefighters, 20 communication units, the 250 members of the departmental committees of risk management and disaster, 3,500 members of municipal committees of communal committees of risk management and disaster, the 5,250 members of local committees of risk management and disaster, the 3,000 volunteers of the Haitian Red Cross, the 2,008 brigadiers volunteers, the 10 members of rapid evacuation cells and the 3,700 members of Community intervention teams.

Also, the country has 1,300 temporary shelters ready to accommodate 340,000 people, 576 of these shelters are in the Great South. Also there exists a cellular network connected to the central level with 10 departmental technical coordinators of civil protection, there are 163 analog and digital radio communication, and the DPC has 3 satellites suitcases and a satellite phone.

In total, 18,196 people are ready to help the population without counting the citizens in solidarity.


Emergency number

PNH 114/122 ou 3838-1111
Ambulance 116
Red Cross 118
BPM 188
EDH 2212-2212
Firefighter 2945-1111 ou 115
OAVCT 2942-1309

For any emergency during Hurricane Matthew, only in case of emergency if you have information about people who are in urgent need of rapid assistance, please contact quickly the resources of the Centre for Departmental Emergency Operation, which are responsible for the Civil Protection cells in the country :

Moise Jean-Pierre Central Coordinator Civil Protection Emergency 48980453 (Port-au-Prince)
Nadia Lochard 48980305 (West)
Jean Henri-Petit 48980306 (North)
Faustin Joseph 48980319 / 33734496 (Upper Artibonite)
Luckecy Mathieu 48980318 (Lower Artibonite)
Ronald Delice 48960565 / 48409696 (South East)
Rethone Jose 48960564 (North West)
Raymonde Jourdain 48980310 (Centre)
Fidele Nicolas 48980309 (Nippes)
Sylvera Guillaume 48980308 (Grand-Anse)
Tony Denis 48980307 (North East)

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