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Haitian-American Rapper Future Double Date With Ciara, Tiny & T.I

TI, Tiny, Ciara and Future exit Crustacean's restaurant in Beverly Hills

Rapper future and his new boo CIara seem to be enjoying the attention their new love affair is bringing. The couple was spotted along with T.I. and Tiny leaving after a meal at Crustacean in Beverly Hills Monday.

Atlanta superstars TI, Tiny, Ciara and Future were seen leaving Crustacean’s restaurant in Beverly Hills today (Jan. 28). T.I. and Tiny are already filming season 3 of T.I. and Tiny: The family Hustle. VH1′s hit family oriented show returns in March. Ciara is reportedly dating Future, whose anemic song with Rihanna, titled “Love”, is in heavy rotation on the radio. Ciara and one of Future’s baby mamas have been at war with each other for at least a week on social networking websites. – Sandrarose

For their casual outing, Future opted for all black, while Ciara chose an all white look, punctuated by a $358 Joyrich Performer Leopard Varsity Jacket: The jazzy jacket has white faux leather sleeves, faux leopard fur, and red ribbed jersey trims. If you like, get yours at ASOS. Complete with these pieces.

TI, Tiny, Ciara and Future

Ciara and Future

TI, Tiny, Ciara and Future

TI, Tiny, Ciara and Future

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