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Haitian Fashion Designer Charles Corvsky Dieujuste Shoot Spring Collection In Barbados

Designer Charles Corvsky Dieujuste recently shot his Spring 2013 campaign in the beautiful island of Barbados with Barbadian model Shahaida White.  View Charles bio below and several more shots of the spring 2013 campaign photos.

Haitian born Fashion Designer Charles Corvsky Dieujuste launched his collection with the concept of bringing back the old world glamour with the CCDSL direction. The self thought designer believes that each creation requires an aura of feminine sophistication, romanticism and impeccable workmanship. Charles uses a palette of vibrant colors and a splash of sensuality. The vibrant environment of New York City and his upbringing on the picturesque island of Haiti– with its plush green mountains and colorful array of flowers. Both combinations became the backdrop in stimulating his mind and sparking inside of him an ingenious desire to become a fashion designer. Before the inception of his synonymous collection he completed a two year dual placement with contemporary Fashion brands LaRok and Elizabeth and James coupled with an educational background in Fashion Marketing and Management.

Focusing on quality garment construction with opulent textiles is the ideal mission. Being born on the wondrous island of Haiti he inherited in his blood a rich culture, full of life and ambiance. Growing up he was surrounded with relatives who were familiar with textiles and knew the art of creating a garment. It was through this exposure that he was able to teach himself the skills needed to begin his journey.

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