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Haitian Rapper to Watch Steve Keed In Haiti


Name:  Steve Keed

Location: Haiti

Where did you grow up?: Haiti

Your Favorite Artist: Mr Papechay & Tchak from Rap In Family

Most Recent Song or Video: 

Steve Keed- Konnen Yo Pa Konnen (Audio)
Steve Keed – Si’m Di’w ft Tchak ( Audio)
Piddy – Foli ft Steve Keed (Audio)
Steve Keed- Konnen Yo Pa Konnen (Video)
EPs, mix tapes, and albums you have under your belt?: 
So far I have one album with Rap In Family named RE-EVOLUTION.

What influences your music? : 

My daily reality influence my music.

Favorite lyric from  your music: 

Yon Malere p’ap repoze menm nan lanmo’l.

Upcoming Project?: 

Videos of Si’m di’w & Foli coming up.

Out of all your music you have made what songs you feel are your favorites:

Rap In Family- Le’m Mouri ft Jean Bernard Thomas
Steve Keed – Konnen Yo Pa Konnen
If you could deliver one message to the Haitian music public what would it be?
Support every positive movement in the country and show love to what’s great.
Facebook: Steve Keed 
Instagram: Steve_Keed
Twitter: @SteveKeedRIF
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  • Steve Keed the good Rapper from South Africa, the performer and a song writer. The African continent, praised by fans for evolving Hip-Hop in Africa. Zimvibes also provide fantastic blogs.

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