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Vintage1804 Fashion Clothing : Miami –Port-au-Prince — Montreal

Vintage1804 Fashion Clothing was created to fulfill a void. I wanted to create a quality clothing line that my comrades and I could be proud of wearing. It had to be fashionable, provocative, sarcastic, sophisticated and motivating. The designs are mostly built around “vintage themes” and motivating verses.

Why the name Vintage1804?

The Vintage part came from my love for all things vintage, classic or antique. This includes fashion, automobiles, artworks, music, pistols, swords, sepia, black and white photography and my love of poetry.

The 1804 part came from the motivation that I feel when I think of the perseverance and tenacity that it required for the Haitian slaves in Saint Dominque to start and see the Haitian Revolution (1791-1804) through. Ending slavery and establishing Haiti as the first republic ruled by people of African ancestry in the New World.

Although, Vintage1804 Fashion consist of 1 of a kind, exclusives and limited pieces and considered an upper scale line, t-shirts are sold at an affordable price range. Why do Vintage1804 prices start below the average upper scale shirt brands of $35? Most brands spend half of their budget on advertising. Thus, they must recoup said cost. This means adding an extra $10-$12 to the price of the garment. We barely advertise. We are comfortable with making and selling limited amounts of each design. This also keeps the line somewhat exclusive.

For business opportunities contact us at vintage1804@gmail.com or  786-586-8030, visit site here.


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