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Jimmy-Jean Louis Share Images & Talk Documentary After His Visit To Meet Haitian Immigrants In Tijuana

Yesterday Jimmy-Jean Louis posted a few photos of his visit to Tijuana Mexico where over 4,000 Haitians have been displaced the last few months.

NY Times Report,

So many Haitian migrants, traveling across the Americas, began arriving here last year with hopes of crossing into the United States that churches, community halls, after-school programs, rehabilitation centers and private citizens have opened their doors to house, feed and clothe them. In one shelter, about 250 migrants — men, women and children — share two toilets and one shower. Four hundred are crammed into a church.

A soup kitchen sleeps hundreds in hallways, a pantry and a lot out back. Now, some officials and advocates worry that Mr. Trump’s plan could spur immigration crises in towns and cities all along the border and, indeed, throughout Mexico.  As more migrants are blocked at the American border and more undocumented immigrants are deported from the United States, border communities in Mexico could be overwhelmed, migrant shelters could overflow, the ranks of the unemployed could swell, and Mexico will bear the strain, officials and advocates say.

Jimmy reached out to us and described the situation as sad, he continues with,
There are a remaining 4,000 Haitians stuck in Tijuana who are desperate and need our help. I plan on putting together a documentary about the situation and my visit which will air very soon. During my visit there, I met with the Haitian community, we chatted, ate and even had time to do an impromptu play with my friend Rainn Wilson from the TV show “The office.” What breaks my heart about this situation is the fact that these people have traveled through 10 different countries, some by plane, by bus, by car, by boat and by foot just to be stuck in Tijuana, just a few meters away from their dream. – Read Full Story Here 
Here are a few photos emailed to us from Jimmy from his visit in Mexico.
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