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Lex Pierre-Louis Become Member of Haitian American Chamber of Commerce

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This is what leadership look likes, with over 10 years in the business, Alex have decided to use his success and give back  to his community.

A week ago, Haitian-American entrepreneur Alex Pierre-Louis better known as one of the lead marketing companies for Miami’s MayBach Music group started the month off by becoming a Member of the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce.

It’s an honor for me to be recognized, and join a selected group of individuals dedicated to advocating and protecting the needs of Haitian-American businesses, as well as promoting trade and investment in the community. After 10+ years of business in the Marketing & Entertainment Industries it’s my responsibility to be the premier voice for the business community to the public, the media and government entities. Looking forward to working with ‪entrepreneurs‬ across U.S.
and Haiti. – Alex Pierre-Louis

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