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New Video : Emeline Michel – Timoun

Emeline Michel – Timoun
Directed by: Abdias Laguerre
Edited by: Sejoe
Cheval de Feu Production


English lyrics:

Children what do you say shall we start over?
Stand up we have a country to put back together
It is our mother’s land our father’s wealth
We’ll dare them to touch it
Children wake up and take a stand
Remember we have no choice we must go forward
We’ll paint, we’ll broom, we’ll sprinkle water over the dust
We’ll pick out the good grains from our winnowing trays

All this comes from love there is no worry (cannot hurt)
Let’s get together, let’s reconcile
The secret is in our union
Haiti is ours
Let’s give it wings to fly
Let’s huddle together to protect our ancestors’ treasure

Children what do you say?
We must start over
Let’s not go our separate ways
Do not blame
Stop preaching
Gather your strength to work
Be vigilant, many eyes are looking for a way to take advantage when we are divided
Let’s build our fences, let’s plant trees…protect the wealth of our children to enjoy in the future

Get up, get up, get up
Life does not go backward we must go forward children

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