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Martelly Finally Presents Passports: Dual Nationality Accusation

President Martelly has finally come forth with passports as proof that he doesn’t hold dual citizenship and has always held Haitian passports. During announcements of an imminent press conference, people were aware that a big announcement was going to be made. Rumors spread, and people closed up shop in the event that things in the street would get bad. State offices closed, schools let out early, and people rushed home amidst huge traffic jams.

During the press conference, he mentioned hat he was going to give his passports to religious leaders for review and called for calm.  He then called up the American ambassador who confirmed that Michel Martelly is not, nor has ever been an American citizen. He then put the passports on display for journalists to be able to take pictures.

However, it is not all over yet, as some believe that there is something fishy going on.  Some are saying that this is beautiful theater and a farce, that Martelly is hiding the fact that he has travelled under the name “Michael Martelly”, or that he is not being completely forth coming with his real nationality.


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