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A Letter From Jean-Claude Duvalier

Dear friends,

As many of you probably know, two days after my unexpected arrival in Haiti last year, I was arraigned before a court for alleged crimes committed under my rule and subsequently placed under house arrest in Pétionville pending an investigation into the charges.

Upon hearing the court sentence, I thought to myself I know I should not laugh but the judges are so adorable thinking they can order me to stay confined to my house.

Do I need to remind them again that I am Jean-Claude Duvalier? Son of Dr. François Duvalier, the most feared ruler in Haiti’s history? Not even my father could intimidate or control me. It is absolutely priceless to see this court is attempting to.

For instance, the judges became enraged recently over my decision to travel to Gonaïves, a city roughly 150 km Northwest of Pétionville, to deliver the commencement address at the Robert Blanc School of Law. See what I mean? They are way too lovable.

I really hope the prosecutors realize by now that I will continue to do as I please, including dining out at high-end restaurants, socializing at jazz clubs and attending various events so they do not constantly get outraged whenever I violate the terms of my house arrest.

Anyway, I will say this: It is really amusing that they are trying to be tough on me.

Your president-for-life,



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