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Meet Haitian Apparel Designer Pascal Louis & His “Marron” Line


My name is Pascal Pierre Louis and I am a photographer and fashion designer. I was born in Port-au-Prince, the second of three boys. Being raised in a modest household in Haiti, I often relied on my creativity and imagination to make toys by using anything around from telephone wires, cereal boxes, to used cans of food.I read somewhere, “The creative adult is a child who survived”, and I consider myself living proof. Once I migrated to the United States as an adult I went from making toys to designing my own clothes.Hence the birth of, Marron, my clothing line.

Marron is French for Marroon. It’s the name that slaves owner gave to runaways, so to me anyone who has the courage to stand up against what is not right it’s a Marron. Boukman Duty, Toussaint Louverture, Nelson Mandela, DR King , Jean Michel Basquiat etc were all MARRONS Being a South Florida resident among a vast Haitian community, I wanted to represent my heritage in a very unique and stylish way. Since I started the brand last year I received a lot of support among my peers.

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Pascal Pierre Louis

Although the brand is not available online yet, I went from giving away a couple of pieces to family and friends to having followers all over the country. The work is challenging because I do not use graphic design but my own photographs in the majority of the clothing however the response I receive from the followers make it worthwhile.

So, to all my fellow designers, photographers, and entrepreneurs “Do What You Love and Love What You Do.”

To my worldwide customers the website will be available very soon. As of now you can find me on Instagram @Marron1804  Facebook Pascal Pierre Louis  and the Facebook fan page Marron Clothing.

Lets work for a better Haiti.

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