[Miami Chic] Haitian Designer Ashley’s Intyce Swimswear

One thing I love and admire about Haitian women is their ambitions attitudes. Miami is known for being vain and superficial, now there’s no way we will ever agree to that but we will admit that we are addicted to looking good, and thanks to Haitian designers like Ashley we can do so with hand-made swimsuits.

In’tyce swimwear is a new emerging line based out of South Florida created by designer Ashley Edouard. It’s an alluring, sexy, and enticing swimwear line for everyday women that love to be trendy, but want to feel desired at the same time. Head designer Ashley Edouard, an alumni of the Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale, created the line in 2007 shortly after graduating. Her interest in swimwear began while taking a swimwear class in school. She immediately found her niche and ran with it. Every since her line has ripped the runway of many fashion shows at some of Miami’s hottest events and clubs.

Each swimsuit is designed and hand-made by Ashley.

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