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On Good Friday, Haitians Eat Fish?


When I was growing up my mother always told said on good Friday we eat fish and absolutely no meat! She said it’s a long-standing Haitian tradition and since I love all of her fish dishes, I didn’t mine. As I scroll through the social networks today, it looks as if a  lot of my Haitian people are also eating fish throughout the country.

After posting this story a lot of Haitians fans and followers respond and say not all Haitians eat fish, which I’m sure of, but its nice to learn what others things they eat. One of my readers  Marcda Luc responded and said some Haitians don’t eat anything and others only eat bread and water.”

According to CompassionBlog, the families in Haiti are also eating fish today in preparation for Easter.

One of the most important parts of the Easter tradition in Haiti is the meal. Most of the families in both rural and urban areas eat fish and rice cooked with white beans and beets root on Good Friday. No one, neither Catholic or Protestant, would put red meat on the table on Good Friday.According to an old Haitian myth, not only is seafood good to eat, but red meat put on the table would turn into blood. The reason for not eating red meat is because of Jesus’ blood shared on Good Friday to wash away people’s sins.On Good Friday, generally food is served at noon. The table is covered with a clean white tablecloth purchased or put in service just for the occasion. During dinnertime boys are often missing, as they are scattered all around, wandering with their friends, involved in making and flying kites.Easter vacation generally starts one or two weeks before Good Friday. This is to give the school children enough time to go out for retreats and to get ready for kite contests. In some areas there is a prize for the nicest kites or the kites that fly highest. ~ CompassionBlog

easter in haiti fish plate
Courtesy of Compassion International: Easter in Haiti fish plate
easter in haiti family dinner
Courtesy of Compassion International: Easter in Haiti family dinner


Here are a few pictures of my Instagram friends Good Friday fish meals.

This how we celebrated Good Friday in most Haitian homes, What about you?

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