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Photographer Samuel Dameus Reconnecting Haitians To Haiti

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Photography has always been fundamental to social media and thanks to Haitian photographers and their hashtags like #Haiti, #HaitiTourism, #HaitiTravel and #FacesofHaiti have taken a life of their own and people are flocking to see our rich, colorful, vibrant every day Haiti through the lenses of  social media influencers like Samuel Dameus.

Sharing and promoting tourism related information through social media is an important part of increasing tourism in Haiti. From the beautiful beach to the local markets, new developments, new hotel and grand openings in various cities, you can count on Samuel being one snapshot away from making you want to to pack your bags.

What I like and I think is very interesting about Samuel is the fact that  photography is not his day job, Samuel is Haiti’s Ministry of Tourism Head of Communications, and with a busy schedule that includes traveling all over the world highlighting Haiti and building relationship to strengthen Haiti tourism industry, he always find time to share his Haiti through his lenses and accelerate tourism one electrifying photograph at a time.

So as you head to work this morning and you’re pondering on where you should visit next, take a few minutes to view Samuel’s gallery and you can thank us later!

See more of Samuel’s pictures on his Instagram page.

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