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Photos From Taste Of Haiti 2013 In Miami

This past weekend in Miami, a few of my friends and all of South Florida attended the first annual taste of Haiti event in Miami. From what I have been told, I missed a spectacular Haitian event, which I am very sad about. So for the rest of you who also missed out,  here are a few pictures from the event.

The Haitian Culinary Alliance is proud to bring you “Taste of Haiti”; it is an event with the objective to help promote and introduce Haiti’s Gastronomy to our compatriots and friends in Florida.

Pictures Courtesy Of Their  Facebook page.   And TheRealHaiti.com

Below are a few pictures courtesy of my cousin Jonise Sainvil camera making me jealous for missing this event.
I heard the cook-off was very intense and delicious.
According to my cousin Jonise, The is the winning entree by Haitian Chef Jouvens Jean!
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