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Photos & Video: American Airlines Inaugural Flight To Cap Haitien!

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The Cap Haitian Int’l Airport is Open for Business

Today is an exciting day for Cap-Haitian and American Airlines. According to @Haitian_Business, at exactly 9:50am today, the very first  American Airlines flight left Miami International Airport to Cap-Haitien.  Haiti is definitely on a path for excellent change and we must thank the current leaders for this amazing movement.

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President Martelly was at Miami international airport this morning giving a speech in support of American Airlines’ inaugural flight to Cap Haitien! Haiti is open for business!

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Michel J. Martelly @MichelJMartelly · 2h 2 hours ago Le bâtiment logeant l’Aéroport international du Cap-Haitien dans toute sa splendeur. #PwomèsSeDèt – Courtesy of Twitter
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Michel J. Martelly @MichelJMartelly · Ma carte d’embarquement du premier vol de @AmericanAir en direction du Cap Haitien #PwomèsSeDèt – Courtesy of twitter
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Michel J. Martelly @MichelJMartelly · Heureux d’être à bord du premier vol commercial de @AmericanAir à destination de l’Aéroport international du Cap. – Courtesy of Twitter
@ambassadehaitird via La salle de départ de l’Aéroport International du Cap-Haïtien. #Lunionsuite #Haiti #Haitian #Caphaitien #caphaitian
RP @ambassadehaitird| La nouvelle salle d’arrivée de l’Aéroport International du Cap-Haïtien. #Lunionsuite #Haitian #Haitianhistory #Caphaitien #AmericanAirlines

Here’s a few more pictures from my twitter followers .

President Martelly and the Minister of Tourism of Haiti Ms. Villedrouin were two of the first passengers on the first AA flight from Miami to Cap-Haitien

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