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President Martelly say “The Haitian woman are the foundation of our society”

Acccording to Haitiennemag:

Gathered at the hotel Karibe from February 28 to March 1, 2012 in Port-au-Prince, women from all departments of Haiti have together, defined a “National Platform of Action of Haitian Women for the Reconstruction”, created following an agreement between leaders of 150 women’s association to enable them to speak with one voice.

The President Martelly accompanied, among others, the First Lady, Ms. Sophia Martelly, attended on Thursday 1st March, the presentation of the National Platform of action in favor of Haitian women and of their communities.

The presentation ceremony, held after a three-day conference, was place in presence of the President of the Women’s Caucus, the parliamentarians, the Minister of Commerce, Wilson Laleau, of the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the UN in Haiti, Mariano Fernández Amunategui and representatives of several national and international women’s associations.

In his speech for the occasion, the Head of State congratulated “Women in Democracy” for this initiative and women’s organizations involved in this approach. He also sent words of appreciation to the women of the ten departments of the country “The Haitian woman is the foundation of our society. She remains the main pillar for the development of our country,” asserted the President who has invited all the sectors to work to the promotion of the full participation of women in the reconstruction process, of Peace, security and of construction of the Haitian Nation. [In Haiti, women represent 52% of the population and are at the head of some 44% of families.

The President Martelly took the opportunity to highlight the four priority issues of this platform, namely:

  • Increase economic and educational opportunities for women
  • Ensure that adequate infrastructure and the necessary environment exists for the development through the construction of primary and secondary schools
  • Improve access to health care and fight against gender-based violence
  • Increase the political and civic participation of women in the establishment of a technical and financial support to women candidates.

The Head of State is convinced that rebuild Haiti on better foundations, requires a transformational leadership and a shared vision.

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