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A day in the mountains
A day in the mountains in Haiti

One of my favorite things about blogging is discovering new sites by Haitian Americans who share about Haiti or the culture from their perspective. I’m especially fond of the people who are wiling to use their visits to Haiti as a learning experience to share with us in the US. I just bumped into this new blog Haiti: A Different Perspective by Andye and have fallen in love with her stories and beautiful pictures of Haiti during her recent visit.You should definitely check it out and  let her know I sent you 🙂

These pictures and excerpt  were posted in Andye’s post titled, Haiti: What the media doesn’t show you!

Because of my encounters with people who don’t know anything about Haiti but have a bad perception of the country and because of my encounters with foreigners in Haiti who decided to discover the country and make it their permanent homes, in this post, I intend to speak mostly with images. Therefore, I bring you these images, taken by me, to show you the side of Haiti that the media doesn’t show you and doesn’t want you to know. I hope these images can awaken the curiosity in you if you are a visual person, the adventure in you if you are a travel vagabond, and lastly, nostalgia in you if you have some sort of Haitian origins or ties. – Andye

Colonial style beach house in Haiti.
Colonial style beach house in Haiti.
Saint Peter's Church. Eglise Saint Pierre in Haiti.
Saint Peter’s Church. Eglise Saint Pierre in Haiti.
Mall in Haiti
Mall in Haiti
Haitian food. Rice and beans and plantains!
Haitian food. Rice and beans and plantains!
Haitian breakfast!
Haitian breakfast!

All Pictures Via Haiti: A Different Perspective

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