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Video and Pictures: A Look IntoThe Border Crossing Between Haiti and the Dominican Republic

dr-photo-essay-day-3-body-image-1434896877I’ve been following the news and pictures from the VICENews reporters in Haiti and here are a few pictures taken on Fridat the 19th of the border crossing in Haiti and the Dominican republic.

According to Vice News

Scattered along the border between Haiti and Dominican Republic are a series of border crossings that offer a free trade zone to the population of the two countries on the island of Hispaniola. Twice a week, the gates open to a common market area where goods are traded and sold. One of these is Dajabon, the largest border crossing and the site of the seldom-remembered 1937 genocide of 20,000 Haitians by Dominican forces.

It is also a common passage for Haitian migrants crossing over into Dominican Republic to work in the sugarcane fields, or to find a better way of life in the cities of Santiago, Puerto Plata, and Santo Domingo.  But on Friday, June 19, two days after the deadline for Haitian migrants and some Dominican-Haitians to apply for residency in the Dominican Republic under a new naturalization law, many were crossing back the other way, toward Haiti, with their entire lives strapped to small pickup trucks.

See More Pictures on VICENews Site 

Courtesy of VICENews
Courtesy of VICENews
Courtesy of VICENews
Courtesy of VICENews
Courtesy of VICENews
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