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Video: Fugees Pras Talk About Group Breaking Up, Wyclef & Lauryn’s Relationship & More

Last year I met and worked with Pras Michel for the first time and I was on the social media team for his project “Sweet Micky for President” movie. I was privileged  to sit in on his meetings and had one on one conversations with him. Pras is a very insightful and intelligent business man and any opportunity to sit and have a conversation with him, I guarantee you will walk away with a few gems.

The Haitian-American artist recently sat with Vlad of VladTv for an interview where he discusses his group The Fugees, being sued by Enya for using her sample, dropping out of Yale to pursue music, the problems the Fugees began having during their time as a team Wyclef and Lauryn Hill’s relationship issues and so much more.

In the clip above when asked about Wyclef and Lauryn Hill’s relationship Pras was reluctant to talk. “Man, I was counting my money man, to be honest with you.” We also asked Pras about the book Wyclef wrote saying that Lauryn Hill became pregnant. “My goal at that time was from this point till I die, I never have a need or a worry. So all this other sh*t is for the birds.”

Here are the other clips from Vlad’s Interview with Pras.

In this clip, Pras talk about the history of the group, and how he dropped out of Yale to pursue a career in music. He explained that the group initially started out consisting of himself, Lauryn Hill, and another unnamed girl. He said the third girl backed out of the group after they didn’t get a deal after graduating from high school, and she went on to go to college. Pras added that Wyclef later joined the group.

In this clip Pras talk about how the Fugees found great success with their second album, The Score, and Pras spoke in detail about incidents leading up to the album’s release, he explained that he was so dedicated to the album that he was living in the studio and homeless, but it all paid off in the end. Pras said after listening to the album after it was first completed, he started crying because he knew that it was going to be something special, the album went seven times platinum and sold roughly $300 million worldwide.


In this clip, Pras talk about creating his first solo album after the splitting with the Fugees, how Ol’ Dirty Bastard winded up on his single “Ghetto Superstar”, and much more.  Pras talked about what it was like to get a number 1 record on his own. “It was like going to work… Your success you knew what it was, there was no theatrics, no illusion.. sitting back, reflecting years later it’s like wow, okay.”

In this clip, Pras talk about how he found his way into politics after seeing potential in President Obama in 2004 before his successful two-term run, in which he gave $1.2 million to a Super Pac in support. “This is why I donated to the Super Pac. We wanted to bring out Black men between the age of 18-25 to go out and vote in these swing states, and the swing states were Ohio, Virginia, and Florida.” He explained the strategy worked and gained Obama those three key states, adding. “I got introduced to this Super Pac called Black Men Vote—and it was like I said—to go help register Black men to vote, and so I donated the money to the Super Pac.

Video and Interview Source : Vlad TV

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