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Video: The Breakfast Club Grills Wyclef Jean on “Speedo” Photo, His Book Lauryn Hill & More

Last week, singer Wyclef celebrated his 43rd birthday by posting a very confusing picture of himself oiled up wearing a speedo to his Twitter account. At the time, he received a public lashing from people who were confused asking one simple question, WHY? Monday morning, Wyclef stopped by the Breakfast Club to promote his new book and answered questions about the infamous picture. Clef seemed very uncomfortable as he went head to head with Charlamagne who questioned why he was turning into an ‘urban model’ when he was suppose to be a legend and why he felt it was necessary to talk about his relationship with Lauryn Hill in his newest book, ‘Purpose’.

On if He Regrets Wearing the Speedo

First of all the pic with the Speedos, just to clarify, that’s an old pic. I’m part of a bike club and I do photo shoots. The Wyclef Bike Club wore Speedo’s at the time. That’s actually an old photo shoot, and those photos are actually up on Facebook and Instagram. This comes from an old photoshoot […]. The picture that you’re looking at, if you look at my Instagram, you would have been seen that picture. If you look at my Facebook this is an actual photo shoot for a company in Italy. I said that I turned 43, I feel 26, based on that photo shoot that I did. I’m telling you when I did the photo shoot so that you’re clear. The Twitter that I have has a certain amount of followers, right, millions of people. My Instagram is the same, my Facebook is the same. I have whats called photo shoots throughout the entire year. Not just in America and Europe and all over.

The Oil that you see that’s on my body, the grease that you see, the 14 pack that you see, the whole build and the Ducati, the ashy leg that you see, […] I didn’t want to grease the bottom on purpose man. You’re saying to me do I regret? At 43, to look the way I look, and to feel the way I feel, is incredible. At the end of the day, we live and we die. What matters is what we do in that space in the middle. So everything I do, I’m happy with what I do. I’m the one that Tweeted I’m 43 and I feel 26. I’m the one that did the photo shoot. I don’t regret anything yo. I’m enjoying myself.

Do You Still Look Like You Did In the Speedo?

I’m always going to look like this.

So It’s Not a Hip Hop Mid-Life Crisis?

As serious as I am, I’m a clown. I love the humor of what I do and being funny. Keep in mind I’m retweeting. I put the picture up. And I’m retweeting everything about the picture.

What Made You Finally Put This Book Out?

The first part of this story that I’d like to say is I apologize to my wife. I always say this first before I even get into this. Understand, in the process of writing this autobiography of myself, there was stuff she was probably supposed to see before the book came out. What I’ve learned is nothing is really a secret. If you and God know, it’s a secret. But if you and more than 100 people know it, eventually […].

Why He Put Lauryn Hill on Blast

Once again, I’m telling you, I am not blowing Lauren Hill’s spot up right now. You do a deal with a publisher, the book is scheduled to come out at a certain time. The chapter that you are referring to once again is called ‘The Fugee Chapter,’ which is a very small part of what my book is. In the course of history, long after us, 100 years when we all turn to dust, I really don’t think the relevancy of this book is going to be based on me blowing up Lauryn’s spot. I think the relevancy of Wyclef Jean’s legacy is going to be based on the fact that it was an immigrants story. I just want to be clear with you. You are entitled to feel like that. If you read my book as a whole, you’ll be like ‘I fully understand where he was coming from.’

Do You Think You Are Responsible For Lauryn Going Crazy?

No. First of all I don’t think Lauryn’s crazy. I clearly said that. If y’all follow historically what I have said, I just felt personally that there was a situation where I felt she was bipolar. […] I know people that’s crazy. I have seen symptoms of people I feel one day they are a certain way, another day they are a certain way. That was more of what I expressed. […] I’m not that powerful, to where I’m the one that created this whole situation of her going crazy.

On How He Feels About Lauryn’s Rumored Song Coming at Him.

That would be great. Psychologically that would be great. The idea of the fact that she would be doing music and could actually focus her energy toward something […]. Vocally she is incredible. Vocally she can get back to where she got to. If she focuses she can get back to where she was at. I think musically she can.

To Read excerpts from the book, Click Here. Watch and listen to the interview for yourself below:

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