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Watch “The Painter Of Jalouzi,” First Documentary Filmed on an iPhone 6s Plus

I am a big apple fan, everything from my computers, speakers and phones is from Apple. I fell in love reading this story and watching the incredible story these filmmakers shot simply using an iPhone 6s in Jalouzi, Haiti.

According to SawPanse, Apple asked RYOT to test the iPhone 6s, using some cutting edge film-making techniques using just the phone, they took it to Haiti and shot a film about color and proved you don’t need a professional rig to tell an incredible story.

The film was shot in Jalouzi (pronounced JAH-loo-zee), a slum on a mountainside; a bleak expanse of cinderblock homes in Port-Au-Prince, the nation’s capital. Apropos to a country full of contrast, Jalouzi sits directly above Petionville, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city.

The film followed and tells the story of the slum and Duval Pierre,  the painter of Jalouzi who took it upon himself to finish painting the city when the funding for the original project ended by recruiting kids in the neighborhood to help.

The project that began the painting of the homes was a 2013 government initiative. The $1.4 million effort titled Beauty versus Poverty: Jalousie in Colours was part of a government project to relocate people from the overcrowded displacement camps that popped up after Haiti’s 2010 earthquake.

Thanks to Duval Pierre, nearly half of the homes have been painted a rainbow of turquoise, purple, pink, peach, and cream. You can support children in Haiti through creative initiatives of the RYOT Foundation.

Filmrd by David Darg and Bryn Mooser, the film was shot in 4K entirely on the new iPhone 6s Plus, starring Haitian artists: Duval Pierre and Gerard Fortune

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