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Wyclef Jean Video Response To Dominican-Haitian Deportations

wyclef jeanCROP

A couple of days Wyclef Jean responded to the Dominican-Haitian deportation saying,

My Uncle Raymond Joseph, former Ambassador of Haiti to the United States would be “denationalized” today if he had accepted the offer of a Dominican citizenship that was made to him in 1976 by the Dominican Consul in New York. –  Continue reading here 

On Friday Wyclef continued with this video response posted below telling the Diaspora they need to stand up and peacefully protest if we want to see change.

He ended the video with “Are you Bout It, I’m Bout It.”

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  • This guys is the biggest bigot I have ever seen in my entire life. During the aftermath of the earthquake on Haiti, this guy created a foundation that took donations in the name of haitians and deviated the funds for his own profit, for which a 60 Minutes Investigation published that he had to abandon his failed presidency aspiration over it. And now he is calling for protest over immigration policies that are also part of the legal frame of his own country.

    Haiti Constitution does not recognize children of foreign nationals as Haitians, and the Constitution of Dominican Republic has the same article since 1929, for which anyone born from foreign in transit or undocumented on the country can claim to be Dominican at least one of the parent’s isn’t dominican.

    Have real decency Hypocrite, and fight to make of your country a better place where all your brothers and sisters prosper and have a better chance of living. Dominican Republic and is foreign nation with rights to determine who has the rights to live on its soil and who doesn’t. We are not going to any country to make boycotts to be accepted, dominicans are deported every day from many nations and we respect the rights of those nations to exercise their immigration laws.

    • Well said! He just want popularity and again he is using his country to do so. Such an hypocrite!

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