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Statement From New York’s Mayor De Blasio On Haitians In The Dominican Republic

New York Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio poses with his family, wife Chirlane McCray, son Dante de Blasio and daughter Chiara de Blasio  (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
New York Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio poses with his family, wife Chirlane McCray, son Dante de Blasio and daughter Chiara de Blasio (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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“I am extremely concerned about the potential forced deportation tonight of hundreds of thousands of people from the Dominican Republic, including many children. I call on the Dominican government to respect basic rights guaranteed to all people, including Dominicans of Haitian descent, under international law. I also call on the government to prevent the inevitable mistakes, dangers and humiliation of forcibly removing people from their homes.

Among the people most affected by this action will be Haitians born in the Dominican Republic who are being unjustly stripped of their nationality and legal status, just because of their heritage. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that nationality is a basic right of all individuals. As the mayor of a proud city of immigrants, home of large Dominican and Haitian diasporas, we stand by international human rights, and hope to see a compassionate and humane resolution to this alarming situation.”

“Estoy extremadamente preocupado por la potencial deportación forzada de miles de personas de la Republica Dominicana, entre ellos muchos niños. Exhorto al gobierno dominicano a respetar los derechos básicos de todas las personas, incluyendo dominicanos de ascendencia haitiana, bajo la ley internacional. También les pido que prevengan los inevitables errores, peligros y humillaciones de una deportación masiva. Entre las personas que serían afectadas están haitianos nacidos en suelo dominicano quienes ahora, después de una controversial decisión judicial en 2013, han perdido su nacionalidad y estatus legal – esto está muy en contra de la Declaración Universal de Derechos Humanos, la cual establece que la nacionalidad es un derecho básico de todas las personas. Como alcalde una orgullosa ciudad de inmigrantes, con dos grandes diásporas dominicanas y haitianas, espero ver una solución compasiva y humana a esta alarmante situación.”


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  • It’s crucial what is going on in DR now there is no respect, no sense of humor , the Dominican government is mistreating the black Haitian people , they use to drop them down on the bus , steel they poor people money after they finish to work for them abuse young girl teenager , abused students who went to the university overthere, hang up them , cut they head now they are doing something in acceptable to the Haitian people , we over 50.000 students over there , we are making the weft of the this country, all the construction are been constructed by the Haitian people now they are disgrace us , mistreating us at this level all the parents who have they childrensaid study over there stop because it’s a nought we will show the Dominican who is the Haitian Zoe

    Jamas eso no debe de ocurir somos ser humano no animales el gobierno haitiano parense todos los haitiano de los Quatros puntos del mundo vamos a ensenar un respecto pacifico a los malcriados dominicanos sin corazon hemos trabahamos para sacar ellos de la esclavitud ahora ellos quiere maltratar a nosotros porfavor la nation unidas digan algo en este abuso la tiera de Dessalines no he conseguido por nada habian fuerza union ahora vamos a hacer l’union fait la force contre ses gens de mauvaise frois

    • I live in the United States, I am an immigrant and I love this country as it is my own, but facts the facts and these couldn’t be ignored. So today, that Mayor De Blasio and US Politicians are calling for a boycott in the Dominican Republic over the plan of regularization of undocumented immigrants in the Dominican Republic, in which they feel morally equip to judge this nation for its equal sovereign right of applying its immigrations laws, it is really hard to swallow.
      Haitians have avoided the responsibility of conducting their nation through a path of progress and have exacerbated the problems carried by colonization much further, without realizing that this part of the Island is their motherland, and that it should it be protected at any cost.
      Dominican Republic can’t and will not assume any longer the responsibility of taking the Haitian Nation over its shoulder and take the risk to become the second failed nation in the hemisphere, as it is today Haiti.
      So, before you judge us, all of you, including Haitians, should take a look to yourself and ask what would you country do if it is placed on a similar situation. I don’t know what would your country do, but I can tell you what DR did:
      Dominican Republic enacted a Law, allowing all Haitian Citizens in the country before 2011 to adjust their legal status in the country for free (Zero Cost). What the government of Haiti did to help on this process? Charge their citizens with US250.00 per passports and birth certificates, amount of money that their nationals are almost incapable to pay, which resulted in less than 10% of the applicants to acquire them.
      Which country in the world has ever modified their landmarks to benefit other nation with land without a war? Please name one; but I can name you one: Dominican Republic in 1929. Our nation modified its border line to give Haiti a piece of land with thousands of square kilometers to avoid a war while the US occupied Haiti.
      Our constitution was almost an exact copy of Haiti Constitution which we inherited from them on 1844 after our independence, in which the article about nationality and who is subject of citizens’ rights is coming from its own constitution. Haiti’s Constitution does not allow those born from foreigners on their land to acquire Haitians Citizenship, so, why are Haitians and other nations imposing something to Dominican Republic and the same nation of Haiti is not willing to give.
      Do you know how it this called? It’s called Bigotry. It is time for Haiti and their citizens to take their future and destiny into their own hands and build their nation without further excuse. We, as the US and any other country will exercise the right to follow our constitution and our own laws as the international Geneva Conventions stipulates.
      If you feel morally obligated to give your opinion over Haiti, you should feel equally obligated to help them, so proceed to do so.

  • This site is using fake names for posting fake submissions of complete fake news and events that have never happens. Haitians are living in peace in the Dominican Republic and nothing that the DJ guy on previous post is saying is true. Call your friends and Family in Santo Domingo and speak to them.

    It is a real shame that the same people that has taken advantage of all Haiti’s tragedies intend to do the same now. Haitian people is victim of the same unscrupulous individuals that form ONG’s and Foundations to raise money in the US and foreign countries and use them for their own profit.

    Haitians be aware, do not allow this scammers to scare you and get advantage of you.

  • certainly like your web site but you need to check the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very troublesome to inform the truth on the other hand I will certainly come again again.

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