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Vice News Raw Coverage From The Dominican Republic Wednesday Night

Arguments between police and Haitians like this one, which occurred near the ministry, were commonplace.
Arguments between police and Haitians like this one, which occurred near the ministry, were commonplace.

Wednesday’s 7pm deadline for Haitians to register and avoid deportation was moved to midnight, but that did little to dispel their frustration.

According to ViceNews,

In 90 degree heat and blistering sun, thousands of Dominican Haitians formed a line that snaked for several blocks through the streets of Santo Domingo Wednesday. They were all waiting — some for days — to enter the Ministry of the Interior and complete a “regularization” process in order to avoid deportation.  The deadline for doing so was initially set for 7pm, but that was extended to midnight. The change, however, did little to allay tension and frustration.

“It’s time to send your a**es back!” one man shouted as he drove by. It wasn’t unusual; the Dominican Republic and Haiti, which together occupy the island of Hispaniola, share a long history of racial tension.

All Pictures Courtesy of ViceNews

Wednesday night, VICE News reporters Monica Villamizar and Eric Fernandez broadcasted live from Santo Domingo covering the local reaction. Watch the video below.

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  • looking at this video the anger is not in the eye of the police while anger is obviously in the eyes of the criminals that have had been give 2 years to get legal. Here in the U.S. any illegal immigrants glaring at cops here in the U.S. especially if they are a dark skinned illegal may have been beaten but definitely would have been arrested. What color was that guy hanging out of the van shouting? he looked black to me so what color person is suppose to be racist towards?
    My first and last visit to Lunionsuite.com as you obviously can not even see what is actually going on int the very pics you are posting. The very first words from her mouth where that there are people being offered extensions. There is cutting in lines causing backups. ( that means it is Haitians holding themselves up) Besides 200,000 people is 2% of the total population. Take a look at what the differences are detailed in a recent report from the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University. The report traces the status of only 100,000 cases involving juveniles CLOGGING the U.S. system, that is only about.03% of our population. The D.R. has given refuge to more than 1 million Haitians for the past 2 years that equates to 10% of their total population with 0 not even 1 deported for more than 2 years. While America has both its President and the previous President deporting more than 2 million people each. Idiot reporter not doing any research to find that unlike the random guy on the street saying only 300 people have been granted citizenship when in fact over 2oo,ooo have been given citizenship. She also misreported that it has been after a year when in fact it has been over 2 years. And what racist government worker is going to be working past midnight to help someone get their citizenship. Your video discounts your idiotic headlines and the very lies you are trying to pretend are true.

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