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African American Research Library & Cultural Center Present ‘Same Boat: Different Stops"Art Exhibit


For  the month of July hosts an exciting multi-media exhibition featuring the works of Nine of South Florida’s Contemporary artist which include a few Haitian American artist in an exhibition titled, ‘Same Boat: Different Stops!,” Curated by Jackson. The public is invited to a “Meet the Artist Celebration Reception July 23rd from 3pm-8pm at the African-American Research Library & Cultural Center 2650 Sistrunk Blvd. Fort Lauderdale 33311.

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Jackson Shuri: multi-media artist, curator, and art educator, has a B.F.A in art education from the C.W. Post Campus of the long Island University in New York. Creating works of varying sizes, hues and textures.  Her art is a constant process of exploration, both of ideas and that of materials. Contemporary, abstract, ethnic and conceptual constructions are evident in her work. The artist practices between New York and South Florida.  Every opportunity is used to impart culture and address issues concerning the African Diaspora and issues related to the female gender. Jacksons’ works evokes, educates, inspires, and stirrup emotions.

M.O.A.L The People’s Artist: Otherwise known as, “Damaged Property,” believes that art makes the city pretty and works to communicate locally, globally and in conversations via socially relevant constructs. Materialist and environmental artist, his articulations have been creating global noise on the streets and in various establishments in South Florida.  Inspiration is profoundly rooted in the lifeblood of modern culture; therefore space is not neutral to the artist as he believes all places are impregnated by fantasies of our world.

Alex Jean Altidor: Multi-media artist and muralist living and working in south Florida, was Born in Gros-Morne Gonaives Haiti. Alex is a part of the Lauderhill Art Center Artist Collective, he is a graduate of the Penn Foster College in Pennsylvania and work is collected locally, and internationally, he has held numerous exhibitions in the United States and abroad.

Rara Kuyu: One of South Florida’s leading multi-media artist and musician is a staple in the Haitian Community. He is recognized locally and globally for his visual arts and musical abilities. He is responsible for the incredible muralization of every surface in Miami Beach Haitian restaurant Tap Tap. Rara’s art is inspired by “Everything beautiful, and makes a strong statement against poverty, misery, and violence, both in his native country, and around the world. Rara’s painted van is featured on the trip advisor’s website and ranks #18 of 238 attractions to see in South Florida.

Pascal Pierre Louis: Multimedia artist with a concentration in photography was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti. He is showcasing a style of photography employed in filmmaking and architecture known as Forced Perspective. Forced perspective employs optical illusion to make an object appear father away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is in order to manipulate visual perception. Despite the challenges which comes with such style of photography, Pascal keeps his work ‘PHOTOSHOP’ free.

Christina Nicole: visual artist from Miami Florida, she is currently enrolled in the School of Visual Art and Design at the University of Central Florida, pursuing a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in drawing and illustration. She participates in collegiate and professional exhibits. Christinas’ work was featured at the Multitudes art gallery in Miami, during Art Basel 2013.

6Y2A1810Frantz Desir:  Photojournalist, Film maker, and Sculptor. Born in Port Au Prince, Haiti and currently live and works in the United States. He is passionate about his heritage and global culture. His work highlights and journals his trips to various countries with a particular focus on the humanitarian, social and political situations Haiti.  He records the creative exploits of art and culture through his lenses with contemporary bliss.

Fabienne Descadres: Jewelry and fashion designer who’s brand is called, “Olé Bijoux.”  Olé Bijoux, pleasing contemporary and eclectic, is the essence of her heritage. Her love for design started at a young age making sock puppets, frames, and collages just to name a few. Growing up in a large Family exposed her to fashion, event planning, culinary arts, pottery, macramé, and countless fun projects which nurtured her creative eye. A duo product of freelance & self-taught work evolved into her passion, her therapeutic relaxation, her je ne sais quoi.

Lonzo Lowery:  Travel and portrait photographer for over 15 years. His career started when a friend gave him a used Canon 35mm camera as a gift. He is inspired by his amazing visits to global cultures and uses every opportunity to capture the beauty of exotic destinations. “Traveling on safaris in Nairobi, gorilla tracking in Uganda, and witnessing the explosion of color at hot air balloon festivals is indescribable.’’

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