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Cooking With Ministère de La Culture Haiti – Lalo, Pig feet & Crab Legs!


Here is a quick tips with the Ministère de La Culture Haiti Manje Madim section on their instagram page.

In the section of tasty and fun dishes, this one is probably one of the favorite Haitian . This dish may seem complicated to achieve but just get organized for each step of the preparation and you will succeed. The Haitian lalo is simply a dish of lalo sheets that can be fresh or dried . You can get you in some Haitian markets if you do not live in Haiti.

In this recipe, use the side and legs of the pork meat, but they can easily be replaced by beef. Pork can be substituted by stewing beef cubes , taking roughly the same quantities . However, it will not be necessary to boil the beef before cooking.

Want to cook the dish step by step, here is two link of great Lalo Legume recipes.  Recipe 1  | Recipe 2

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