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Haiti Inspired Apparel Line: Mwen -Se-Haiti


Here is another new and fresh Haitian Inspired Apparel line who should know about.The company is based out of New York and here is what the owner had to say about the company:

MWEN SE HAITI is a brand that celebrates the history and rich culture of Haiti.

Through our clothing line we want to expand and help portray a positive view of Haiti and its culture. We also hope to change the perception of what the media and others portray our culture to be. Our goal is to reach out to the Haitian community living in Haiti and around the world. With it’s success we want to be able to support and give aid to children back home towards education.

Through profits we will be able to donate school supplies and other educational items to Haiti. To help children improve in school back home. After the unfortunate event that took place back in 2010 it is very important for us to come together and do something great, something to improve not only our country but ourselves. As Haitians we take every bit of pride in our country so what better way to let the world know not only where your from but also WHAT YOU ARE! MWEN SE HAITI is more than just a few letters on a T-shirt, It’s who we are! It’s a movement! Our brand is only the beginning for bigger things to come for the country. We hope to encourage others to support and join, and help give back, because Mwen se Haiti, ou se Haiti, nou se Haiti.

Image of MwenSeHaiti Female BlackImage of MwenSeHaiti Female BlackImage of MwenSeHaiti Male GOLD

Image of MwenSeHaiti Female BlackImage of Love Ayiti Male BlackImage of Love Ayiti Female Black

I really love the shirt and here are a few pictures of me wearing my white “Mwen Se Haiti” shirt to the Houston Haiti -vs- El Salvador soccer match.

IMG_7883 IMG_7890

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