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Haitian American Artist Jason Derulo New Video Feat 2Chainz “Talk Dirty”

Haitian American singer Jason Derulo shows his raunchy side with “Talk Dirty” where the singer croons about knowing what the “girls dem want,” insisting, “I got lipstick stamps on my passport.” 2 Chainz ups the ratchetness with his sexed-up rhymes.

“Dirty Talk” will appear on Derulo’s forthcoming third studio album, Tattoos, slated for release September 24.

Derulo told Singersroom in a new interview, “I did this album during the recovery process of my neck injury, so there’s little undertone of that whole situation, then you know, I fell in love at the same time, so there’s also like a really fun side, celebratory, especially songs like “Talk Dirty.””

He adds about the album: “I have grown a lot, and I am comfortable in my own skin. I started writing some hip hop music again that’s how I got my start. I incorporated all my loves in this album, there is a taste of Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and Rock.  I have a lot of personalities, but I’m not crazy! (laughing) I think it represents me really well, and talks about my life story.” – Via Singerroom

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