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Haitian-American Rapper Vince Staples Launches Music Technology Program For Long Beach Youth


Long beach native Vince Staples is contributing to making sure the youth of Long Beach have options and the tools to succeed. Through his love for music, the 23-year-old Haitian-American rapper launched his music technology program sponsored by Levi’s for kids in his neighborhood.

Fader Reports,

In a video sponsored by Levi’s, Vince Staples kicked off the year-round program by hosting a songwriting workshop to the local kids.  Joined by Dion “No I.D.” Wilson, Staples emphasized the importance of a holistic music education to boost confidence in aspiring students.

“Kids are feeling like if they aren’t a superstar, they aren’t worth anything,” Staples explains. “Being the engineer, working music through a legal department or a financing aspect… I think the Levi’s Music program can teach kids about the other aspects of music.” Watch below.

The Levi’s Music Project follows up the Youth Initiative Staples launched back in June to give young men and women from the area training and education in 3D printing, film making, graphic design, music production, and product design.”

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